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The history of the MSVCR dates back to the days of Malaya, 1955. Fuelled by a common motoring passion, a group of enthusiasts came together in Malacca to form the Malayan Vintage Car Register. Their mission was simply to encourage the use and preservation of period cars and bikes.


56 years on, this mission has remained unchanged, though the Club gradually evolved into the Malaysia & Singapore Vintage Car Register – an established and widely recognised authoritative body on period motoring in this region and beyond


The Club currently has more than 350 members worldwide, and is home to some of the most exquisite Vintage pre-war and Classic motor cars.. The MSVCR also has the distinct honour of being an early founding member of FIVA, the international federation on historic vehicles.


Members of the MSVCR enjoy the benefits of a full calendar of motoring events that are specially planned for them on both sides of the Causeway – from high profile events like the recent Formula One Singapore Grand Prix to enjoyable estate runs in the less travelled country roads across Malaysia.


Apart from purely motoring events, the MSVCR also keenly supports charitable and community outreach projects, and has worked with many government and private institutions to make period cars accessible to the broader public.


There are no special pre-requisites to joining the MSVCR, except for a genuine passion for old cars and bikes. In fact, you don’t even have to own a period vehicle to join the Club!

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